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The project 'Motion in London' is about movement, rhythm, and the flow of time in a big city. Made in London, it refers to its most well-known places, such as the Nelson Monument, London Eye, or Big Ben. Repeatedly in pictures, I placed a double-decker bus to identify this city.


This project was inspired by the Snyder and Allen essay "Photography, Vision, and Representation" (1975) and the work of the Argentinian photographer Estaban Pastorino Diaz (Shinjuku # 1, 2005).


I used two photographic techniques to implement this project. The first shows motion by displaying a sharp object or objects on a blurred background. I achieved this effect by using a long exposure. The second technique shows the object's size, dignity, and domination effect, in this case, London. I tried to achieve this by shifting the camera to almost the ground level.

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