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The Bridges of London project is a collection of photographs featuring the bridges connecting both banks of the River Thames in the form of a triptych. I was intrigued by their diverse shapes, construction styles, quantity, and history, and therefore decided to capture all 27 bridges, excluding railway bridges. However, I only chose ten photographs to include in the final project.


This project addresses both aesthetic and architectural issues concerning historical backgrounds. It highlights how these bridges have played a significant role and hold meaning in the everyday life of London, both in the past and present. I used a Hasselblad - a medium-format analogue camera with a specific square frame to capture the project. I took the images using black and white film, thus giving them a strictly documentary character. By utilizing the square format and arranging it in the form of a triptych, I created a panoramic view of the bridges. This approach allowed me to show the bridges in all their glory, without unnecessary distortions, while maintaining the proper visibility of details.

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