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Janusz Miarka was born in Kłobuck, a Polish town near Częstochowa. However, he spent his childhood in the beautiful village of Lubomin near Wałbrzych where he developed a love for nature, learned to appreciate the planet's beauty and acquired respect for people. His interest in photography began when he discovered an old camera called "Smiena 6" at the age of 10. He quickly became obsessed with photography and even created his first darkroom in a small bathroom in his parent's flat. He saved his pocket money to buy a better camera and enlarger, which he still uses today. After completing technical school, he put his passion for photography on hold for several years due to the demands of adult life. [Scroll Down]

Janusz Miarka light set up

In 2006, he moved to London and bought a new digital camera, which allowed him to rediscover his passion for photography. His piece "For Eliza" caught the attention of Piotr Kowalik, a portrait photographer who trained Janusz and taught him about light in photography. Janusz began working in the photography studio, honing his skills as a fashion and portrait photographer. In 2016, he decided to pursue higher education and enrolled in the BA Photography course at the University of West London. He graduated with First Class honours in 2019, proving that he was an exceptional student and photographer.

His travels to Botswana led him to create a photo book called "Sexaxa," which he published in the second year of his course. The University of West London purchased copies of the book, and it can be found in the UWL library. This achievement proved that Janusz is a talented photographer who has a unique perspective on the world.

Publications & Exhibitions

Janusz has confidently showcased his work in two group exhibitions. His first project, "Isolation," was presented at the University of West London, where he explored the human need for privacy and safety. Janusz believes that separating ourselves from the external world is essential for our well-being, and the act of closing the door to our homes is a form of divorce from the outside world.

The second project, "The Bridges of London," was exhibited at the Truman Brewery's Free-Range Show. This project delved into the historical and architectural significance of London's bridges and their role in everyday life. Janusz boldly explored the aesthetic and cultural issues related to the bridges of London.

As a documentary photographer, Janusz is a confident world traveler, with a particular fondness for Africa. His first photobook, "Sexaxa," showcases a particular day in a Botswana village. Janusz's work is a testament to his unwavering passion for exploring the world and documenting its beauty.

Publication and Exhibition
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