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A scenic view of a natural stone arch on a sandy beach, with turquoise waters and green cliffs under a bright blue sky.

Where Land Meets Sea: A Stone Giant's Gateway by Janusz Miarka


Experience the breathtaking beauty of the natural world with "Where Land Meets Sea: A Stone Giant's Gateway," a captivating photographic print by Janusz Miarka. This open-edition print is available in 11" x 14" and 16" x 20" sizes and is meticulously printed on the highest-quality photographic paper to ensure vivid colours and fine details.


"Where Land Meets Sea" captures the stunning coastal landscape featuring a majestic rock arch emerging from the cliffs, known as Durdle Door. The vibrant blue of the ocean contrasts beautifully with the lush green cliffs and the golden sands of the beach below. The clear, bright sky dotted with fluffy clouds adds a sense of openness and freedom to the scene, making it an ideal piece for anyone who loves the outdoors.


The composition conveys a sense of awe and wonder at nature's grandeur. The rock arch stands as a gateway between the land and the sea, inviting viewers to explore this idyllic location's natural beauty and tranquillity. The people on the beach provide a sense of scale, highlighting the immense size of the stone formation and adding life to the scene.


Bring the inspiring beauty of "Where Land Meets Sea: A Stone Giant's Gateway" into your home or office to evoke feelings of adventure and serenity. Shop now at to add this stunning artwork to your collection.

Title – Where Land Meets Sea: A Stone Giant's Gateway



Open Edition print sizes:

11" x 14"

16" x 20"

C Type printing on Fuji Matt

An image showing the logo of photographer Janusz Miarka
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