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A peaceful grassy path stretches between trees and a calm lake, and the partly cloudy sky is painted in soft pink and blue.

The Path to Tranquillity by Janusz Miarka


Experience the serene beauty of nature with "The Path to Tranquillity," a captivating photographic print by Janusz Miarka. This open-edition print is available in 30" x 20" and 36" x 24" sizes and is printed on the highest-quality photographic paper to ensure vivid colours and fine details.


"The Path to Tranquillity" captures a peaceful landscape bathed in the soft, golden light of the setting sun. A winding path leads the viewer through lush greenery and alongside a tranquil lake, with the forest and sky reflecting beautifully in the calm waters. The clouds, tinged with pink and orange hues, add a dreamy quality to the scene, evoking a sense of calm and reflection.


The composition conveys a sense of quiet solitude and natural beauty. The path symbolizes a journey towards peace and contemplation, inviting viewers to imagine themselves walking along this serene route. The harmonious blend of colours and the gentle light create an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquillity, making this piece a perfect addition to any space seeking to evoke a sense of calm.


Bring the soothing ambience of "The Path to Tranquillity" into your home or office to inspire moments of reflection and serenity. Shop now at to add this evocative artwork to your collection.

Title – The Path to Tranquillity



Open Edition print sizes:

30" x 20"

36" x 24"

C Type printing on Fuji Matt

An image showing the logo of photographer Janusz Miarka
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