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A modern footbridge illuminated under a deep blue evening sky, the moon & streetlights casting bright flares & shadows

Footbridge Under the Evening Sky by Janusz Miarka


Experience the captivating interplay of architecture and twilight with "Footbridge Under the Evening Sky," a stunning photographic print by Janusz Miarka. This open-edition print is available in 11" x 14" and 16" x 20" sizes and is meticulously printed on premium photographic paper to ensure vibrant colours and exquisite detail.


Inspired by the tranquillity of twilight, this image captures the striking contrast between the modern structure of a footbridge and the serene evening sky. The deep blue hues of the sky provide a perfect backdrop to the illuminated bridge, with the moon and streetlights casting a gentle glow that enhances the structure's geometric lines and metallic textures. The interplay of light and shadow creates a dynamic and mesmerizing composition, inviting viewers to pause and appreciate the beauty of urban landscapes at dusk.


The composition conveys a sense of quiet contemplation and urban elegance. The bridge, with its clean lines and intricate details, symbolizes connection and progress, standing out against the calm, vast expanse of the twilight sky. This artwork beautifully captures the essence of modern architecture, harmoniously blending with the natural beauty of the evening.


Bring this evocative piece into your home or office to inspire moments of reflection and serenity. Shop now at to add "Footbridge Under the Evening Sky" to your collection.

Title – Footbridge Under the Evening Sky



Open Edition print sizes:

11" x 14"

16" x 20"

C Type printing on Fuji Matt

An image showing the logo of photographer Janusz Miarka
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