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A vibrant red rose rests on the white keys of an electronic keyboard in a dim room. A music sheet is on the keyboard stand.

A Symphony of Emotion by Janusz Miarka


Experience the profound interplay of light and shadow with "A Symphony of Emotion," a captivating photographic print by Janusz Miarka. This open-edition print is available in sizes 14" x 11" and 20" x 16", printed on the highest-quality photographic paper to ensure vivid colours and fine details.


Inspired by Beethoven's "Für Elise," this image depicts a striking contrast between darkness and illumination. A vibrant red rose rests on the keys of an electronic keyboard, bathed in a gentle light that highlights its delicate petals and the white piano keys. The surrounding shadows create a sense of solitude and introspection, while a barely visible music sheet adds a touch of mystery and depth to the scene.


The composition conveys quiet intimacy and deep contemplation. The red rose symbolizes love and passion against the monochromatic keyboard backdrop. This artwork beautifully captures the essence of music and its power to evoke profound emotions.


Bring this evocative piece into your home and let it inspire moments of reflection and serenity. Shop now at to add "A Symphony of Emotion" to your collection.

Title – A Symphony of Emotion



Open Edition print sizes:

14" x 11"

20" x 16"

C Type printing on Fuji Matt

An image showing the logo of photographer Janusz Miarka
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