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Janusz Miarka Artist Photographer Biography.


Janusz Miarka was born in the small Polish town of Klobuck near Czestochowa. However, he spent his childhood among the picturesque landscapes of the small village of Lubomin near Walbrzych. In that environment, he learned to love nature, to value the beauty of our mother's land and to respect people. He began his adventure with photography at the age of 10, when he dug out somewhere among the forgotten things in his home an old camera "Smiena 6". He became a maniac of photography. At the same time, he organised his first photographic darkroom in a small bathroom. He began to put aside his pocket money to buy a better camera and enlarger, which, by the way, he still holds till this day. After graduating from a technical school, the realities of adult life meant that he gave up his beloved photograph for several years. In 2006 he moved to London. He started a new life. He quickly realised that the new realities would allow him to buy a new digital camera and equipment, which will be enabling him to continue his passion.
One of his first fine-art work "For Eliza" was noticed by Piotr Kowalik, a portrait photographer who later on trained Janusz and showed him "what the light is". Janusz started working in the studio and improving his skills as a portrait and fashion photographer. In 2016, Janusz decided to enhance his education. He began BA Photography course at the University of West London, which he graduated with the result of First Class in 2019. Janusz started travelling to Africa, he fell in love with this continent and wants to settle in one of the South Africans countries. One of the fruits of his journey to Botswana and a great achievement is his publication of a photo book titled "Sexaxa", what happened in the second year of his course. The University of West London purchased this book, and you can find it in the UWL library.


Publications & Exhibitions

Janusz has exhibited his work in two group shows. The first project was presented at the University of West London, and he shows work titled "Isolation". The project was about human needs. The needs to be isolated from the external world, to be with oneself, to have a private place where we can feel safe, and we are divorced from the outer world.
Isolation- the synonyms of this word are separation, partition, divorce. Janusz said: "I think divorce is the right word to use for my project. 
We divorce from the external world, from the time when we shut the door in our house. At the same time, we can leave something behind the door, something that is disturbing us, which make us tired.
The door is a kind of partition we can use any time we do not want the world to bite us. But the divorce is temporary, just until the time we open the door once more, and we engage with the external world again."
The Second project called "Bridges of London" was exhibited at the Free-Range Show at the Truman Brewery. The project Bridges of London raises aesthetic and architectural issues of historical background as well as refers to the matters related to the role and meaning of these bridges in everyday life of London in the present and the past.
As the documentary photographer Janusz often travels the world. His favourite continent is Africa. It is not surprising then that his first publication is the photobook "Sexaxa", which is showing one of the particular day from African village.

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