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LA Style Headshot

A particular type of portrait is actor headshot. The leading photographers working in this sector include Dylan Patrick and John Clark. John Clark is a leading headshot photographer in the UK. He specialises in headshots intended for both the American and British market. An actor headshot is one of the essential tools used by professional actors. It is a form of first contact and presentation for the casting director, so it must be as professional and as well produced as possible. Actor headshot should not be a beautifully retouched portrait photos or selfies. It should present the person photographed without any ornaments or interference in the anatomy of the face. A headshot does not say anything about the actor's talent but shows his/her external image. The shape of the nose, the height of the forehead or the line of the jaw and cheeks should be what they show because it is these attributes which determine whether an actor will be chosen for a given role or not.

UK Style Headshot

Actor headshot is what should make the casting director wants to watch the actor's showreel or listen to his/her audio recordings. Actor headshot should be unique, attract attention, but at the same time, the appearance of it must be real, consistent with what the director will see after he/she invites the actor to the casting. The first role in the film or television depends on the actor's image and whether the actor headshot reflects his/her appearance because the first step in the casting process is to review headshots followed by casting. Every actor should be aware that acting is not only a form of art, it is also a business, and business must be sold appropriately. It follows that every actor should take care of his brand and introduce himself professionally. That is why actors should make sure that the headshot as a necessary marketing tool is presented accurately. Professional Headshot photographers talk about how the actor looks on the right headshot "you on your best day". So, choosing a professional photographer who will do a good headshot is, therefore, a priority.

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Products Campaigns

Lubu Signatures

"Best Lingerie collection for our Queens and few Lubu Signatures outfits." - These are the keywords that describe the fantastic collection of underwear and beautiful clothes collected by Ikey, the Owner of Lubu Signatures. The group itself was created, as Ikey emphasises, for queens. Ikey motivates beautiful ladies to accentuate their beauty by using underwear and the Lubu Signatures clothing collection every day.

When asked what inspired her to create this incredible collection, she replies:

"Being comfortable in my skin has always meant everything to me, and I know it means everything to all the women I know. I have not always been confident in my skin, but I had to learn to embrace my curvy body, my two butt dimples and the few stretch marks I have. No matter how I may be feeling when I wake up in the morning, my lingerie has to remind me that I  am beautifully made, sexy, hot, gorgeous, strong, powerful, striking, and something unique in this World.
There was a time I wanted to have a flowy gown, the one that I could walk in my apartment feeling empowered yet feminine. Still, I couldn't find that in the top lingerie stores in my beautiful City of London. After not seeing what I wanted, I decided to start a search, my gowns and I are nowhere for you my Queens. I refer to all you ladies as Queens because when you are a QUEEN, you know you share your DNA with no one. Feel free to define your Royalty, my beautiful Queens."

Welcome to my Commercial Work Page. You can find here some of the paid projects and campaigns which were licensed to me by individual clients as well as companies and corporations.

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